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"Thank you so much for yesterday's beautiful yoga class - it was such a perfect stretch out and I felt so relaxed and in tune with my body afterwards."

Bianca S

"Chris is a friendly and approachable Yoga Instructor with a relaxed style. She makes new members of her class feel welcome and will help them to get the most out of the classes. I find that Chris's yoga class is very good for releasing the stresses and strains of a busy day in the office, and really helps to keep my back and joints mobile."

Steve H

"I never imagined I could start this activity at my age. I feel encouraged, am enjoying it and starting to feel the benefit of it."

Mary L

"I thought yoga classes would mean tying yourself in unbelievable positions and certainly not for me but this wasn't the case.  Chris expertly guides you through every movement which feels very thorough and at the end of the session you really feel you've achieved something.  I thoroughly enjoy the classes and am looking forward to when they resume later this week."

Sue H

"I've practiced yoga most of my adult life and Chris is one of the best teachers I have had. I love going to her class on a Monday night which is not the easiest time to get out after work. I always leave her class feeling relaxed, more flexible and balanced but at the same time challenged and stretched. She's great at adapting the class to all abilities and particularly helped me when I was recovering from a knee injury. "

Sara K

"Thank you for the amazing 7 weeks of classes! I really enjoyed learning about the different chakras and I really value the pace you set for the classes and how unique some of the postures and sequences are compared to other classes I have done. The subtlety of challenge means I can tune into meditation and breathwork but still feel fully stretched afterwards!"

Chloe C

"Diligent and professional, Chris always offers fresh and challenging ideas to extend and develop our yoga practice. This is coupled with a wicked sense of humour and a positive, inclusive teaching style."


"Chris is a great yoga teacher.  I always feel in a different (calmer) place after a class with her, it’s actually a mini miracle. I am not a natural at yoga. I’m not flexible and don’t have a good sense of what my body is doing so some teachers can get impatient or irritated because I seem to be ignoring their instructions. Chris is always good humoured, calm and positive, and concerned about the wellbeing of everyone in her class. I highly recommend her."

Caroline H

"I have been practising yoga with Chris for the past 5 years and I must say I find her blend of styles, happy disposition and humour make her my favourite teacher. She is never judgemental of those that struggle with a pose or critical of anyone."


"I love Chris’s yoga. It is gentle but so effective, and I feel really good after one of her sessions. I have had many problems with my spine over the years with two prolapsed discs and now arthritis in some of the vertebrae. It has made me more flexible and my balance is improving…a definite plus when one is getting older."

Sue W

"You have been such an inspiration to me... I have tried yoga many times and given up but with you it is different as you really seem to be in tune what the class needs for that session. I have really enjoyed the outdoor yoga as well over the summer."

Julie E

"Prior to attending Chris's classes, my only experience of yoga was from ad hoc classes at festivals, taught by a variety of teachers.  Chris is a great teacher in that she explains everything very well, including how each of the positions should feel.  She has a very calm manner, which is immediately relaxing.  Although none of the moves feels difficult, I never get cold, so I know I'm getting a good workout; and I always come away from classes feeling completely de-stressed."

Sophie W

"Thoroughly enjoyed your practice. I felt calm and connected. Thank you so much..,you led beautifully."

Mary G

"Thank you for all your help and support during your classes.  I have learnt that my body is different every week - sometimes it wants to do the exercises and sometimes it doesn’t, but even on those days I have really enjoyed the sessions and your support."


"Thank you so much…Your classes are really helping me after my hip operation. I feel a marked difference after just a week of sessions."


"Chris’s teaching style is very holistic - she helps me listen to mind, body and spirit. Her classes are enhanced by thoughtful meditations and ideas. Chris has the experience and ability to meet individual needs within a group yoga class. She is expert at adapting poses and using props so that everyone can participate in an inclusive atmosphere. She teaches with depth and clarity. I feel welcomed at her class and leave feeling energised and positive."

Jane K

"100% relaxed after lovely class."


"Really recommend, a great way to start the day - it was relaxed and considerate but with some really good stretches too, perfect for a morning."


"I don't manage to attend your classes very often, sadly, but I love them when I do manage to get there, despite not being flexible enough to manage some of the poses (forward bends seem impossible to achieve more than a few inches, however you always put it so nicely to just do what you can manage that I feel OK doing what I can).  So I just wanted to thank you for helping me be more in touch with and gentle with my body."


"A lovely, gentle and relaxing flow. I definitely felt chilled out by the end of it - enjoyed the breath work as well. It's probably something I don't do enough of."


"Sessions with Chris are the most relaxing and rewarding part of my week. Her easy manner, bright welcome and gentle voice quickly relaxes you, and the high quality of her teaching is evident from her knowledge of yoga and the body. She seamlessly switches between beginners and intermediates, and at the end of each session I walk away feeling like I've worked out – but with a happy relaxed smile on my face."


"I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation this morning - in fact I nodded off at one point - totally relaxed."

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